Wednesday, October 2, 2013

iOS 7 Review

After having iOS 7 for a couple of weeks I feel at home with the new operating system.  There are a few features that stand out in my opinion.

The first being the new way to close apps.  Apple has made it a lot easier to close running apps with iOS 7.  While I wish they would still include a "Close All" button to quickly close all running apps; this new way to close apps is sure a lot faster.  I also like that you have a screen shot of what apps are currently open in the background.

As a Technology Integration Specialist, I like the idea that it is suggested to users to put a lock code on their iPads.  Every time I train teachers, I suggest that they include a pass lock on their iPad for security.  Some follow my suggestion while others do not.  Teachers should always have a pass lock on their iPads to secure private information as well as secure their emails.

Auto updating of Apps.  This setting is pure genius!  I always hated to see how many updates I had; but at the same time I never took time to update.  Having the apps auto update will be great for students who are in a 1:1 setting plus teaching staff.

I am still trying to get use to the Search feature.  I honestly wish they would have left it as it was with incorporating it into the swipe down feature.  It's not hard; but it will take time to get use to.  It would be ideal if Apple would include both ways.

I also like the look to the new iOS.  It looks clean and I must say that it reminds me of my Android phone :)  I like the look of the new icons with the exception of the calendar app.  I can't ever seem to find it!  I miss having the red stripe across the top as it was easy to spot.  There are so many new features with this update that I won't mention in this blog but really enjoy.  I also like that Apple has allowed quick access to turning off/on bluetooth and wifi.