Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Students Should Program - 5 Apps to Help

Get your students coding with simple apps. Programming skills are tied with mathematics and logic. It's a great skill for students to have.  Many schools are starting to implement programming in their computer classes beginning in the elementary.

When I taught, programming courses were one of my favorite classes.  I loved seeing the student's eyes light up when they understood their code or could find the error they made.

Take a look at the following apps:
Cargo-Bot - iPad
Hopscotch - iPad
Code Box - Android
Tynker - iPad

Monday, March 17, 2014

This is IT2 Recap

SW/WC Service Cooperative held their 8th Annual Educational Technology Conference, This is IT2 on March 14th with the pre-conference on March 13th.

I've attended this conference as a non-employee of the cooperative and an employee.  This is IT2 had several different breakout sessions ranging from Free Digital Curriculum - Personalized Learning.  The conference was a huge success with many educators, administrators, and technology departments from MN and SD attending.  The keynote speaker was Mr. Rob Mancabelli from BrightBytes.  He was a riveting speaker and had everyone in the audience excited for the possibilities in education.

If you attended the conference, don't forget to stay in touch by tweeting and using #swwc2014 -- just because the conference is over doesn't mean the learning is!

Thank you to all who attended and presented at our conference and made it a huge success!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Free Apps Tuesday 3/11

Only the publisher can determine when apps are free.  If you see an app you think you'd like, please download it right away - you never know when it may go full price again!

There are some really awesome apps today - Enjoy!


StickIt (make stickers)

Sue and the Shadow Puppet Part 1 (book)

Play Magnus - Chess

Sneak A Snack - 3D Storybook

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School

Bugsy's Math Quest

Kindergarten Bingo - Letters, Shapes, Numbers, & Colors!