Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finally, Office on the iPad

I'll admit, at first I didn't see the huge need for having Office on the iPad.  For years I have been a huge Google Drive fan and user.  However, Google Drive isn't the easiest to work with on an iPad.  The app is clunky and it's almost impossible to edit documents without the other Google App, QuickOffice.

The teachers that I work with are use to using Office and have been begging for it for years.  A couple of weeks ago our dreams came true, somewhat.  Microsoft released Office for the iPad for free.  However, the catch is you can only view documents on your iPad.  To edit or create a new document, you need to have a paid subscription to Office 365 (home use is 99.00 per year).

I didn't have an Office 365 plan, so I did a trial period to see if the plan and Office for the iPad apps were worth it.  I am quite impressed with Office for the iPad.  There are many similar things between the iPad and the computer version.  It's still very easy to use, however, some of the things in PowerPoint aren't quite right.  I don't like the fact that you can't view your speaker notes when in presentation mode.

If you can afford the Office 365 subscription, I think having Office on the iPad is wonderful.  I love the ability to quickly share the file with others.  I also like the fact that I don't have to convert the file so it looks right on my computer.  However, for some people and school district's they may not be able to afford the extra yearly cost.

Hooda Math

Last week I stumbled upon a really great math resource for grades K-12.  Hooda Math can be used to reinforce math on both the computer or iPads.  The website doesn't not use Flash in their games.

The students/teacher does not need a sign up to use this website.  When students go to they choose their grade level and can choose from many different math games to practice their math facts.

Several teachers that I work with have implemented this website into their math curriculum.  If you are struggling for a new way for your students to review facts, check this awesome website out!

In Education,

Kara :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Apps That Every Parent Should Know About

I was asked to present at Marshall's Mom's Expo on Saturday April 5th.  The topic that I chose to speak to parents about is social media and apps every parent should know about.  I understand that not all parents are comfortable with technology, however, in today's world we need to understand what our children are doing online.

Here are my slides