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Celebrating Veterans Day & Native American Heritage Month PBS Learning Media

The following information is from PBS Learning Media. I am sharing an email I received from the company.

Featured Story

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Remember Our Nation's History with Native American and Veterans Day Resources

Native American Heritage Month honors the indigenous people living in the United States before the arrival of the Europeans. Veterans Day, originally celebrated as "Armistice Day" to mark the end of battles during WWI, allows Americans to honor the more than 23 million veterans in the United States. Check out our recommended resources below! Kick things off with this short video exploring the history behind Native American Heritage Month. View Video

Recommended Resources

Native American Heritage Collection

Take a fascinating look at Native American art, history, and culture in this featured resource collection. From the story of Sequoyah, a Cherokee man who developed an alphabet for the Cherokee language, to details surrounding the settlement of the American West, resources in this collection will help to bring history to life for your students. View Collection

Celebrate Veterans Day on November 11

Looking for creative ways to mark Veterans Day in your classroom? As Americans across the country honor military veterans, this short video will help to explain the history and significance of Veterans Day. View Resource

A Different Kind of Lottery: Understanding the Draft During the Vietnam War

This series of videos will help students understand the impact of the Vietnam War draft on the lives of young Americans at the time. These oral histories give a firsthand look into the attitudes and experiences of soldiers who were selected to serve. View Media Gallery

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, Monday Tech Freebies!

Kid Awesome Kdgn Math Premium - A Full Year of Skills to Learn!

The Jungle Book - 3D Pop up

The StoryToys - Jigsaw Puzzle Edition

Wake Up Mo! - 3D Pop-up book

Toca Boo!

Monki Shake It - Language Learning

Animal Game Show - Who's Toes Are Those? - Matching Game

Color Fractions 1st Grade

Writing Practice - Ruled lines for students to work with

Speech4Good - Stammering & Speech Therapy

Jacob's Shapes

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Free App Friday 9/11

Free App Friday - download the apps while they are still "on sale" for free!

PresentPerfect - Normally 9.99.  The presentation is fully under your control. When you change pages, pinch to zoom and pan around, or tap-and-hold to activate the laser pointer, all other connected devices instantly do the same.  Imagine, everyone in the room watching your presentation from the iPad in front of them – no more bad viewing angles, fuzzy text, or shutting out the lights.  Even better, when you’re presenting, it’s simple to get real-time yes/no feedback with the built-in voting option. Just tap the button, and your viewers can quickly provide anonymous feedback to whatever you ask.

Musical Paint for Kids - Normally 4.99

Writing Wizard - Kids Learn to write Letters and Words - Normally 4.99

iLearn Geography - Normally 2.99

Mouse Alphabet - Normally 1.99 Adventures for Pre-Readers and Early Readers

Interactive Books - all Normally 3.99

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