Friday, September 11, 2015

Free App Friday 9/11

Free App Friday - download the apps while they are still "on sale" for free!

PresentPerfect - Normally 9.99.  The presentation is fully under your control. When you change pages, pinch to zoom and pan around, or tap-and-hold to activate the laser pointer, all other connected devices instantly do the same.  Imagine, everyone in the room watching your presentation from the iPad in front of them – no more bad viewing angles, fuzzy text, or shutting out the lights.  Even better, when you’re presenting, it’s simple to get real-time yes/no feedback with the built-in voting option. Just tap the button, and your viewers can quickly provide anonymous feedback to whatever you ask.

Musical Paint for Kids - Normally 4.99

Writing Wizard - Kids Learn to write Letters and Words - Normally 4.99

iLearn Geography - Normally 2.99

Mouse Alphabet - Normally 1.99 Adventures for Pre-Readers and Early Readers

Interactive Books - all Normally 3.99