Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iGoogle Do You?

Sorry for the lack of posting...the school's network was not allowing me to blog.  I've got it all figured out now.  :)

Google - it's an amazing, dare I say, invention?  I truly feel that it is.  It's much more than 'just' a search engine.  It keeps me organized with a calendar, tells me what I am suppose to do today with 'tasks', emails me my 'tasks' schedule, forwards my school email to my phone, creates and opens Microsoft Office documents, allows me to customize my homepage (iGoogle) so I have the things I often use at the tips of my fingers.   Heck, it even stores this blog!

All I have to do is log in to Google, no matter where I am at, and I have my personalized little Internet helper :)  If you are not Googling, you should.  Start slow - you don't have to jump in like I did.  Just get an email address through Google.  When your kids complain that they can't do a paper at home because you do not have Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, login to Gmail (Google's email) and click Documents at the top.  Your child will be able to create his/her project - send it to the teacher or save it in the email to get at a later time.

Happy Googling!  www.google.com -- click SIGN In in the top right-hand corner & click Create An Account Now