Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do Teachers Need iPad Training?

Do Teachers Need iPad Training?

As a technology integration specialist, I am asked this question frequently.  Do they really need training?  My answer is always YES! The majority of teachers do not have time to sit down and learn how to use an iPad.  If they know how to use an iPad or if they by chance get time to sit down and play; this doesn't mean your staff will know how to TEACH with an iPad.

Using an iPad to play Candy Crush is way different than using the iPad educationally. Teachers need the professional development to understand how to teach with the device and engage students.  Teaching in a digital world can be very different and quite scary for some teachers.

In my opinion, the students also need some training when they receive their iPad.  Not on the basics of how to use the iPad, but they will need training over certain apps and processes they will do over the course year.

If you are looking for workshops for your teachers in MN, please take a look at our workshop website: http://www.swsc.org/workshops  We offer a wide variety of classes for you.  If you would like some tailored to your district and have the workshop in-house, please visit: http://www.swsc.org/techint

If your school has gone 1:1, please leave a comment below stating if your school hosted professional development for your staff.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!