Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Facebook Scams

Facebook Scams

Chances are you been surfing around on Facebook and saw someone in your group of friends post something similar to:

WOW!!  I Got a FREE iPad.  Just Try It Out Friends…  Click here to know à> insert web address

It could also be, click here to see who has been spying on your profile, click here.

You click on the web address and something appears that says you need to “Allow Access for this Application” you click Allow and then this lame screen comes up….you click to go back to your newsfeed.  Did you know that all of those applications are able to look further into your application that you may want or know?  Allowing the unknown apps to rule your Facebook is asking for trouble.

Your personal information is being handed over to these Facebook Scammers who take advantage of your personal information and data.  Frequently check the Apps page and remove and delete the apps that you do not use anymore.  If you click on an application or address and it’s lame, go right to the Apps page and remove the application.