Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I received my work Chromebook and am excited as I begin using it.  I think Chromebook has a huge potential in the education world.  Before you jump into a Chromebook for your 1:1 project, make sure you purchase one and read about the affordable laptop.  It may not fit into the needs of everyone.

So far, I have enjoyed using the Chromebook.  What many people don't realize is that the Chromebook does not run any software unless you can find it on the Chromestore.  So, no Microsoft Office.  Which is okay with me since I use Google Drive a lot.  If you can run it off of a website; it will work unless it has Java, which Chromebooks do not support.


  • Keyboarding on the CB
  • Built-In Flash
  • Everything I need is tied to one account, Google
  • Snappy bootup speed (approx 8 seconds)
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Guest Login
  • Lightweight
  • Price 
  • Almost zero setup (just login with your Google Account)
  • Auto updates


  • Doesn't support Java/Silverlight
  • Some classes may have a hard time using CB without certain software being able to be installed
  • Battery Life - about 6 hours, so students would need to be able to charge.  In my office, the battery life doesn't bother me; but for day to day use by students they would need to charge during the day.
  • No Skype - I like Skype but can use Google Hangout
  • To use some apps you will need to be online (but really, who isn't?!)
  • I can't install TeamViewer or another program like this because Chromebook doesn't allow for program installs
  • No SMART Board software