Thursday, February 27, 2014

Operation Math Code Squad Review an iOS Math App

If you are looking for a fun way for students to practice their math facts in a timed setting, look no further!  Operation Math Code Squad is an engaging app that allows students to practice math facts.

One thing that I found interesting with this app, is the fact that up to 4 people can play the app at the same time.  As a teacher, you could group your students by ability and have them practice their timed tests in subtraction, addition, multiplication and division or a mixture of all 4 areas.  The other twist with this app is the "missions" the students are on.  Students will learn the value of cooperation and teamwork as they work together to defeat Dr. Odd.

After selecting the math fact to practice, students will be given the opportunity to choose between easy, medium or difficult fact questions.  After 5 wrong answers, the student's keypad will disconnect from the game.  At the end of the round, the students will see a mission summary that explains how many correct answers each player scored.  Teachers and students are able to take this information and continually build on more balanced teams and focus on where students need more work.

My personal recommendation is that every elementary and middle school math teacher should have this on their "must have" app list.

The app is very reasonably price at 2.99.  Here is the app address: