Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Google's Gadgets for Drive - Tips to help educators

Google's Gadgets for Drive
Tips to help educators

Hoping to pass on some inspiration for teachers who are currently using Google Drive or those who haven't found the awesomeness of Drive.

1.  gClass Folders 2 - Instructions.  Website to download.  
What it does:  gClass Folders is a script that Google will run to create folders for you for as many course sections as needed.

What it does: Doctopus is a Google Apps Script that can be used to manage and share documents with students or groups.

3. Flubaroo.  Help Video.  Website to download and Instructions.
What it does: Is a script that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank assignments automatically using Google Forms.  Will also compute average assignment score, average score per question, and flag low-scoring questions.  It can also show you a grade distribution graph and gives you the option to email each student their grade and an answer key.

4. FormRanger - Help Video  Website to download and Instructions
What it does:  Is a script that allows you to automatically populate the options in any multiple-choice, checkbox, or listbox style question in Google Form from any column in the attached spreadsheet.

5. Goobric - Website to download and instructions
What it does: script attaches a rubric created in Google Forms to a document that you sent to students using Doctopus.  It allows you to grade the assignment and it will then attach the rubric to the document and send an email with the rubric to the student.

Do you have a favorite Google Script?  If you do please share in the comments!