Friday, May 16, 2014

EdTech Ideas

I love technology and integrating it into education.  However, being a technology integration specialist, I know that not every teacher shares my passion.  I also understand that just like my former students, all teachers learn at difference paces also.  Some teachers may catch on and run with an idea while others need a few sessions to "get it" - I'm okay with that.  It's the ones that don't feel technology integration is necessary in their classroom that worry me.  When I was in school, technology integration wasn't there.  We didn't have the Internet, SmartBoards, digital cameras, iPads, etc.  However, just because I went through school without technology doesn't mean that today's students should.  The world has changed.  We, as educators, need to embrace the change.  I know that can be scary at times, but it will be okay.

Every summer I offer Technology Camps in the school districts that I work with.  This is a great time for teachers to learn about several different topics in a day. A great time to reconnect with their colleagues.  I love offering tech camps and I really enjoy it when teachers will present what they are doing in their classrooms.

This year I have decided to implement "The Breakfast Club" in my schools.  During the summer, I will offer 1-hour sessions on various EdTech topics.  The sessions will not be "sit-and-get" my goal is to have the teachers play with the apps/programs and see how they can integrate into their own classroom.  It's a laid back day.  I really hope this idea takes off!

Wondering what other fun ideas technology integration specialists are doing? Comment below!