Friday, May 2, 2014

Office vs Google for iPad

Office 365 for iPad vs. Google Apps for iPad

I have set time aside and played with bot the Office 365 Apps and the (new) Google Apps for the iPad.  I hope this will help you determine some of the differences between the two apps.

Office 365 iPad Apps

  • Very similar features between the Microsoft Office Application on the computer and the iPad.  
  • Doesn't take a huge learning curve to figure out how to use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sharing files with others (but they have to have Office 365 I've been told to collaborate)
  • Cost.  In my opinion, this is very spendy for schools in my area.  We have small, rural schools that can't afford the cost of this app.
Google Docs & Sheets (soon Slides)

  • Free for everyone
  • Collaboration with others
  • Now we can create and edit Docs on the iPad (Drive App wouldn't allow this)
  • Easy to use.
  • Not a huge learning curve.
  • Still isn't as easy as Word to create documents and change layouts, etc.
  • Sheets still needs work with being a little more user-friendly
My overall opinion as a Technology Integration Specialist working with schools is that Google Drive and their updated apps are the way to go.  I love Google and enjoy using Drive.  It makes it easy for me access everything from anywhere- for free.