Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lifecard App Review & AppSmashing

I recently discovered a really fun app called, Lifecards by Vivid Apps.  For a low price of $1.99, you have access to many different themes: Plain, Film, Black, Reflections, Travel, Birthday and party, Children and Animals, Baby, Water and Beach, Flowers, Fruits and Food, Halloween, Christmas, Sports, Patterns, Stationary, Newspaper, Paper, Winter, Frames, Miscellaneous, and Open Background.  Within each of the themes, there are several templates to choose from.

I think this app would be easily integrated in education. Some possible ways to integrate:

  • Field Trips
  • Science Topics
  • Using the newspaper theme, your students could create a headline from a current or past event
  • English - finding pictures of characters and writing a sample biography
  • Math - using a whiteboard app the student could work out the problem, import the picture and then describe how to solve the problem
  • Creating sample invitations to events in classrooms
  • Sending an email postcard to family on holidays 

What I did - AppSmash with Lifecard & ThingLink (free)

I created a Lifecard about my son's science fair project.  Added 3 pictures and then wrote up a little information about how he did.  After the Lifecard was finished, I sent it to the Camera Roll.  Next, I opened ThingLink and created links to information about his science experiment and other information.